How to Plan Your Perfect Holiday Vacation

You’re starting to plan your perfect holiday vacation for this year and behind schedule.


Annoyance is setting in because you can’t figure out where you want to go or what you want to do.

Your spouse keeps bugging you with questions about it. You can’t decide whether a Christmas Markets trip or going on safari would be better.

And even thinking about the time you need to schedule with your in-law’s is making your head spin.

It’s okay. Relax. You’re not alone.

A few years back, the young couple Lisa and Mark were thinking about the same thing. They were struggling with what to do, where to go and whom to spend time with.

Hours were spent scouring information online: top 10 lists, “world’s best” destination blogs, TripAdvisor reviews, and even Facebook friends’ photos. They were desperate.

The clock was ticking as December was nearing. The nervousness was setting in as their fears of being stuck with family grew.

Skiing down the slopes of Alta Badia (Photo by Alex Filz / Alto Adige Martketing)

Skiing down the slopes of Alta Badia (Photo by Alex Filz / Alto Adige Martketing)

One day Mark decided to talk with Lisa about their ideas for trips. They put together their “dream list” of things to do over the holidays. They listed out things like going to the spa, eating great food and enjoying some relaxation time at a high-quality hotel.

Sounds like no better place to go than Italy, of course!

Together they called their Travel Designers (that’s us) and booked the perfect Italian Holiday getaway.

Later that December, they traveled to Cortina d’Ampezzo in The Dolomites of Italy to ski, one of the most renowned ski resort towns in the country.

Soaking away after a long day of skiing (Photo by Christian Brecheis / Alto Adige Marketing)

Soaking away after a long day of skiing (Photo by Christian Brecheis / Alto Adige Marketing)

While on their joyful Holiday excursion, they also had the chance to test drive Audi’s and Tesla’s on a winter driving course and sipping fine Italian wine while savoring a risotto with oysters and clams at the Cristallo Hotel & Spa.

Mark and Lisa also got to try some new things, like trying heli-skiing, cross-country skiing and even fat biking!

They described their Italian holiday vacation as “the perfect, unforgettable winter getaway.”

While you certainly don’t need to run away from the entire family or go to The Dolomites to have a wonderful winter vacation, you can do what Mark and Lisa and start with these helpful hints.

Write Your Ideas Down

Write down any particular activities, destinations or other countries that you want to make a centerpiece of your travels.

You may already have a great idea or two about what you’d want out of a winter vacation, but it never hurts to write down all of your ideas anyways.


Talk to Your Partner

Talk about what you’d want from the perfect holiday vacation with your partner. Together, you can come up with some initial ideas that you might not have come up with on your own.

Bonus: You’ll look really good by suggesting this to them!

They can also help guide you in terms of what might or might not be feasible (any special events occurring, activities they won’t try etc.)


Use Social Media for Inspiration

Pinterest was almost made for this…you can create a new board and start filling it with travel inspirations. This will not only help you visualize what you want from your vacation, it can also help inspire new ideas.


Talk to Your Friends

Share your ideas to your close friends and family to get their input. They might also have thoughts and suggestions to favorite places they’ve visited.

Some might even go as far to recommend specific places they’ve been. All in all, they can be great resources for you.

Warning: Discussing your travel ideas with friends and family may spark envy, jealousy and even over-zealous rage. Use of discretion is advised.


Find a Trusted Travel Expert

A trained travel professional should not only help you get your ideas off the ground, but also make your ideas come to life! Whether that be that Christmas markets tour or a winter vacation getaway in Italy, they should be able to get you from plan-less to your destination.

So remember: if you’re closing in on this holiday season without any plans set in place, there is still hope.

Talk over your ideas, write them down, use social media and then share those with your friends, family and your travel expert. If you do this, you’ll be off on your perfect holiday vacation in no-time!

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