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From the wild side to the mild side, New Zealand is famous for its farm-to-table cuisine, boutique sauvignon blanc wine industry, and breathtaking scenery of rare beauty: glacial mountains, crystal clear lakes, hissing geysers, and bubbling mud. This land offers travelers an untold number of extraordinary experiences. New Zealand is the ideal place to indulge in awe-inspiring natural beauty, unique culture, fresh produce, and tranquility, all while managing to offer a healthy dose of adventure, adrenaline, and kiwi hospitality. New Zealand is also paradise for food and wine lovers, and the best way to experience New Zealand is by exploring it through the lens of its culinary delights. Tonight's special event will take you on a cultural and culinary tour of New Zealand where you'll learn more about the history and culture of New Zealand, discover the many destinations and places within this island-nation, and be inspired to want to travel to New Zealand yourself. 

Your guides for this event will be Chad Jones (CEO of Nomad Hill), Tim Scott (CEO/President of Unparalleled Journeys), and Sarah Ayala, Ph.D. (Founder of Kiwi Importer). Food, drinks, and live music provided. Opportunities to purchase food products from New Zealand will be available. 


Event Details

Date: May 1, 2017 (Monday)

Time: 6:30—8:00pm CT

Location: Nomad Hill Headquarters

1810 First Oaks Street Suite 120

Richmond, Texas 77406

Featured Presentations

During this talk, our hosts Tim Scott and Sarah Ayala will showcase the amazing beauty of New Zealand through the lens of culinary and cultural experiences. You'll explore new sights in New Zealand and taste delicacies that are most-often enjoyed by locals. This presentation will leave you dreaming of tall peaks and delicious wine with pavlova. 

New Zealand

Culinary & Cultural Adventures in NZ

with Tim Scott & Sarah Ayala

New Zealand Culinary

Ready for a New Zealand Adventure?

Check-out our upcoming New Zealand Culinary Adventure (November 5—18, 2017) and experience this island nation like most travelers never get to: Through the lens of adventure, food, wine, and culture!

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Get $250 off our New Zealand Culinary Adventure!

By joining us at this event, you will automatically be eligible to receive $250 off our upcoming New Zealand Culinary Adventure from November 5—18, 2017. Make sure to sign-up on this night, as the offer only lasts during the event. For more information or to sign-up for the trip, please contact one of our Travel Designers at travel@nomadhill.com or 713-481-7222, Option 1.


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