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Every trip that we craft is meticulously designed, just for you. The travel process begins with a simple phone call — A chance to learn more about where you want to go, your vision for this journey, and form our relationship as more than just your Travel Designers. That understanding is then used with our decades of industry-leading expertise to craft a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Because your travel is more than just a trip to us, it's a life-changing journey that starts with you.



Our Top Destinations

Our custom-crafted travel can take you to any corner of the Earth. But there are some places that we especially know and love. That is why we've carefully cultivated our top destinations on these pages: to provide the best information possible, but most importantly, to inspire you.


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This journal represents the heart of the travel we offer, going beyond the destinations, the top 10 lists, and into the person and experience that makes each place unique. Whether it be through a wine sommelier in Italy showcasing their favorite wine to a behind-the-scenes tour of an art gallery in Prague, these stories capture the essence of the destination.

Nomad Hill Journal

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The experiences that we offer are carefully crafted to accommodate your hopes and dreams, and always start with a conversation. Help us better understand a few of those needs, so we can create the best travel experience possible and build a relationship during the process.



In the Media

Business Jet Traveler

Time Off - Exploring Colombia | Business Jet Traveler

“Boom. I flinch as I hear the exploding gunpowder in Medellín, home to Colombia’s famous outlaw, Pablo Escobar. The drug trafficker has been dead 24 years, but you can still hear what seem like gunshots—except now the sounds are part of the country’s national sport, Tejo. Six hundred years..."

Destination Luxury


"As the new football season gets underway, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is focusing on having a great year, but he is also keeping a close eye on his new company, Nomad Hill. The “travel design” company based in Houston, TX, develops handcrafted itineraries and experiences...”

Condé Nast Traveler


"But as Fitzgerald and Jones continued working together, they talked about starting their own travel company. In July 2016, the pair launched Nomad Hill, “a travel design company dedicated to creating life-changing experiences.” “The travel industry, especially in the high end, has left the millennial..."