Benvenuti in Italia!

Italy holds some of the most cherished treasures in the world. From lush accommodations and spectacular selections of food and wine, to stunning masterpieces of art and fashion, there is great amounts of pleasures to offer. The Italians pride themselves on these magnificent treasures, but thankfully there is much more that your average traveler doesn't get to see.

When it comes down to it, there’s so much more to Italy than the eye sees. There are layers and layers, physical and metaphorical, that we believe to be relevant to our existence today. Imagine walking in the streets of Rome in the height of the Roman Empire, then as you turn on a new street, you suddenly jump to the late 15th Century and feel the inspiration of Renaissance. This is the historically power of Italy at work. Yet the wonder of this magnificent country isn’t simply limited to Rome, the whole country is steeped in as much history and significance as it’s champion city.

We have a special relationship to Italy, we believe there is so much more that people can even imagine and we want to show you. 

Top Experiences in Italy:

World-Class Wine Tasting

Italy boasts some of the oldest wineries in the world with one of the largest varieties of grapes. From the Frascati to Sangiovese grapes, some of the most exclusive and expensive wines have been produced and are available to taste. Exclusive wine tours will take place at the finest wineries with a personal Sommelier at disposal to provide extensive knowledge about the wine.

Taking a Cooking Class in Rome

Go beyond tasting the amazing dishes that make Italy unique by creating your own authentic dish. Join a professional chef as they teach you fine art of creating some of Italy's most iconic meals. Nothing tastes sweeter than savoring your own self-created Italian dishes while sipping wine in Rome.  

Exploring the Cinque Terre

Known for its views, the Cinque Terre will provide hours of exploration and opportune photo moments for any traveler. Each village in the area provides has its own features, from excellent vineyards to fine restaurants, making this an excellent point of exploration for any wandering traveler.

Hiking through the Dolomites

The Dolomites offer some of the most iconic and dramatic landscapes in all of Europe. Be more than just a witness to these mountains by participating in a guided hike through them. Taking the routes less traveled, enjoy a moderate hike to see some iconic landscapes and see Italy in a new perspective.

Relaxing on the Beaches of the Amalfi Coast

"Breathtaking" is a word often used when describing the Amalfi coast. This stretch of coastline provides a quintessential Mediterranean feeling with buildings clinging to the tops of cliffs and near-endless beaches to bask in. With beaches that stretch on for miles and crystal clear blue water, it is the perfect destination to relax after a few days of exploring. 

Discovering the Arts in Florence

Florence is home to some of the most renowned masterpieces in the world. Our connections to art collectors, museum curators and historical experts can create experiences above and beyond the norm with behind-the-scenes tours, one-on-one guided experiences and opportunities to meet up-and-coming artists.

Ready to craft your dream trip to Italy?

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