A Health Retreat to Egypt

An Oasis in Egypt

Sep. 1, 2016

A Health Retreat to Egypt
About 560km west of Cairo is the most renowned, pristine oasis in the country: Siwa.


Known as one of the most isolated settlements in Egypt, this oasis boasts several natural springs that make your skin feel silky-smooth and have many health benefits.


Pace of Life.

This slow-paced life has gone for hundreds of years without modern influences, making this an ideal health retreat for slowing down and enjoying the ancient wonders of the Berber people.

Of the 23,000 people reside in Siwa, most of whom are Berbers; an indigenous group to North Africa that encompass more than their Siwi language or culture, but also the entire history and geography of North Africa.

In Siwa, life has been unaffected by today’s culture and reflects many unusual features even to those in Egypt. Basketry, silverworks, embroidery and pottery are the staples to the Berbers and you’ll often see this influence still prominent in their attire.

While their dress is amongst the most iconic features of Siwa, their health-related activities should be at the top of your list.


Natural Springs.

Particularly, visiting a few of the natural springs and enjoying a local mud-bath. The same mud used by the Berbers to create their homes have irresistible qualities that are great for your skin too.

Both the springs and mud baths have many rejuvenating benefits like stress relief, absorption of minerals to the skin, and even healing musculoskeletal issues.


Salt Therapy.

But the real way to relax when you’re in Siwa: Salt Therapy. Using 100% natural salt, you relax in a controlled-air environment and breath the salt air that’s being created.

As you inhale, the salt air clears the mucus from your lungs. It creates more room in the airway to breath and leaves you feeling refreshed. This therapy can also help your body as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. 

If soaking in mineral waters or breathing salt air is not your thing, then you can enjoy the many dates and olives that make this oasis iconic. The dates and olives are often incorporated into the many local delicacies in Siwa, like stuffed pigeon, or can be consumed as stand-alone snacks throughout the day. Regardless of how they’re consumed, you will certainly agree with us that they’re amongst the best in the world.

If you’re looking to experience the many health benefits from traveling to this natural mecca, then this seemingly surreal place could be perfect for you.

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