Top 5 Winter Destinations

Top 5 Winter Destinations

Nov. 09, 2017

Top 5 Winter Destinations
As winter is fast-approaching in the US, things are just heating up in these five destinations.


Winter is a beloved time of year, and for good reason. The charm of snowy landscapes, roaring fireplaces, and warm drinks makes for a memorable winter. Although if this is not a favorite season, then fear not: we have other exciting destinations that are just heating up.


5. Italian Alps

Ski Vacation in the Italian Alps

Ski Vacation in the Italian Alps

Not all destinations abroad are warm during this time of year...but the winter opportunities are too great not to share.

A two-hour drive from the Venice Airport leads to multiple mountain villages with deep historical backgrounds and even deeper stashes of powder.

Skiing in this region provides some of the best in Italy, with more than 3,600 miles of skiable terrain for all abilities of skiers and snowboarders.

For the avid skiers and riders, opt for a Super Dolomiti pass and access 16 scenic ski areas with over 750 miles of diverse terrain.

Then end this epic ski journey with a few relaxing nights at our choice luxury accommodation: The Cristallo, located directly in Cortina d'Ampezzo.


4. Borneo

Luxury Resort in Borneo

Luxury Resort in Borneo

For those seeking the warmer side of the hemisphere, we direct your attention to Borneo; a remote island nestled in between Indonesia and Malaysia. Borneo contains some of the oldest, most species-rich rainforests in the world, which remain surprisingly accessible by multicultural, modern cities.

The island is largely known for it's ancient rainforests, making it a true gem for adventurers alike. Whether screaming your way through dense jungle on ziplines or barreling down rivers on a raft, there are many adventures to please even the wildest souls. Though if adventure or nature viewing is not your thing, fear not: the culture is incredible too.

Borneo brings together an astonishing array of cultures, religions and languages, and age-old traditions of hospitality, meaning visitors are welcomed with open arms. And with varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds comes authentic cuisines that come in as wide of range as the ethnicities. Take special note to Dayak cuisine - with dishes such as pineapple curry with Bario rice and bamboo chicken - that will leave your taste buds craving for more.


3. Australia / New Zealand

Explore the Fjords of New Zealand

Explore the Fjords of New Zealand

Australia is a wild and beautiful place, a land whose color palette of red outback sands and Technicolor reefs frames sophisticated cities and soulful Indigenous stories. From the rich rainforest to the rocky outcrops of Uluru or Kimberleys, Australia is worth the visit simply for the views. Despite the fantastic scenery, most Australians live along the coast, and most of these folks live in cities - leaving the country-side open for exploration. And within those places, we don't even need to mention the unique wildlife viewing potential of kangaroos, wombats, and platypus alike.

With the plethora of scenery and wildlife, we must also mention the other core reason for the visiting Australia: the food. Seafood plays a key role in Australia's fine, local meals − from succulent Moreton Bay bugs to delicate King George whiting. Of course, with a beer in hand and "shrimp on the barbie," you'll also find local beef, lamb and chicken to indulge in as well.

And what's a trip all the way down under without stopping over in New Zealand. As the planet heats up environmentally and politically, it’s good to know that this country exists. This uncrowded, green, peaceful and accepting country is the ultimate escape. The landscape is filled with breath-taking forests, huge mountains, and stunning fjords that have made New Zealand one of the best hiking (locals call it 'tramping') destinations on earth.

With excellent cultural experiences, such as interacting with the local Māori, comes opportunities to eat local flavors (authentically, of course). Local chefs find inspiration in new-world culinary oceans, especially the South Pacific with its abundant seafood and encircling cuisines. Many locals eat paua (abalone), kina (sea urchin) and kumara (sweet potato) on a regular basis. And what's a great meal without a nice bottle of wine? The cool climate have created the perfect environment to craft sublime pinot noir and sauvignon blanc.

All-in-all, these destinations create the perfect, well-rounded experiences for those seeking big adventures.


2. Egypt

Cruise the River Nile of Egypt

Cruise the River Nile of Egypt

While the temperatures drop and snow falls here in the States, Egypt is blooming. From November through March temperatures remain in the 70’s during the day and dry and brisk in the evenings. And with good weather brings activity. There’s snorkeling in the gentle, warm waters of Sharm El Sheikh, and dramatic sunsets from the balconies of historic Nile ships. We make it possible to sleep beneath the Saharan stars for a peace and joy perfectly in-line with the holiday season. Or take a water Taxi to the trendy Sequoia Restaurant for cocktails and dine with the beautifully-stylish, young local crowd. Walk along the Cornish along the Mediterranean at night and explore the late markets in Alexandria. This is Egypt after all, and for every Pyramid visit, there are dozens of experiences that prove just as memorable.

Beyond the pyramids and history, the people remain the greatest resource. Egyptians are known as the jokers in the region, complimenting their friends with humor and wit. These are proud people, who enjoy sharing their lives with visitors. Here, an open mind goes much further than an open wallet when discovering the great diversity in cultures. From proud Coptic Christians to thoughtful Muslim men and women, their mutual respect for one another is like nowhere else. This is as diverse a place as one can imagine and we want to share it all with our guests.

A beautiful culture deserves beautiful accommodations, so consider the Four Seasons and Kempinski, or boutique experiences like the Menroe dahabeya boat or the Lazib Inn.


1. South Africa

Luxury Safari in South Africa

Luxury Safari in South Africa

What makes a South African safari so special? Simply put, there’s more variety. From rhino tagging, to the Cape Vulture of Marakele, to the extraordinary culture of Cape Town, our safaris can be customized for countless interests and passions. Many of our guests also (wisely) include a visit to the wine land regions of Stellenbosch or Franschoek. After all, zebras and giraffes are great, but so are beautiful wines and hotels.

With the close involvement of our partners, we’re able to combine the wonders of African bush with a boutique hotel in wine country, for one of the best holidays we can recommend. Take, for instance, the recently opened Silo Hotel in Cape Town.


So which is the right experience for you? Contact us and we’ll help design the perfect winter trip that will transform you.


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