The New Tuscany

Discover Puglia: A New Side of Italy

April 18, 2018

The New Tuscany
We've uncovered a new area of Italy that's waiting to be explored.


Puglia is a must-visit province of Italy. Why, you ask? It is considered the ‘new Tuscany’ and features some of the oldest, most traditional ways of living in the country.

Many locals still live off the land, going fishing or farming in the morning as their primary source of food. Once they’re done for the day (at 1pm) they then siesta in the beautiful afternoon sun until dinner time, where they make some of the most delicious, locally-sourced meals in Italy.

You may also find them swimming and enjoying a gentle stroll through town after their meal. This is more than just an attraction for tourists, but a way of life for the locals.

There are many towns within the province of Puglia and each have their own, unique flavor. In the town of Alberobello, many of the houses are what’s called trulli buildings.

A trulli is a circular stone house built with a conical roof. They’re magnificent sites to see and are hyperlocal to this area. In 1996, UNESCO named the Trulli of Alberobello a World Heritage Site, due to its high concentration within this specific town. They cannot be found anywhere outside of Italy.

If staying in a small, local trulli is not your thing, then you should check out Borgo Egnazia. This renowned 5-Star hotel features some of the most luxurious, well-crafted buildings in the town of Savelletri. Horseback riding, cycling, cooking classes or just relaxing on the private beach are mainstays when lounging at this resort.

It’s also the spot where Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel got married in 2012 (if you’re in to that kind of stuff).

The final must-do in Puglia is to travel into the Gargano Peninsula, just north of Borgo Egnazia. This area boasts the most scenic coastal spots in the province and houses the quaintest seaside resorts in country.

One of the best ways to get around in this region is by car. Hugging the coastline on Route 89, you wind in and out of the hills and small villages that stretch along this beautiful coastline.

Every turn in the road gives you a new, fresh view of this coastal region that will leave you at awe.

The most beautiful part of this entire experience: limited number of people.

The smaller town sizes make for smaller crowds, making this an ideal spot to get away and find your own blissful hideaway.

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