The Rare Balance of Luxury and Adventure

Bali Indonesia

Jan. 19, 2017

The Rare Balance of Luxury and Adventure
There are few destinations in the world that can offer an extreme level of comfort and adventure at the same time.


Thankfully Indonesia, and particularly Bali, is that destination. Bali welcomes guests with unsuspecting adventures and off-the-beaten path accommodations that have become the trademark of this mystical destination. And with virtually no tourists, the experience becomes that much sweeter.


Looking for adventure? It’s easy to find.


Trek to the top of a volcano.


For those with a keen taste for nature’s beauty, we suggest a peek at Mt. Batur, an active volcano that sits closely to Bali. This journey begins early in the morning, and for good reason. Venture to the top of this volcano to witness the power of volcanic elements while seeing the sun rise from the highest point in Indonesia. Not hot enough for you? Wait until your guide cooks breakfast from the heat of this volcano…





Learn to surf (or not).

If you would prefer to keep your distance from active volcanos, try cooling off in the ocean. Enjoy a full day of guided fun by learning to surf in some gentle, but world-famous waves. The guides will also show off their favorite spots for both surfing and relaxing on the beach. A win-win for the whole family.





Explore Sidemen on two wheels.


Cycling is more than just a means of transportation in Sidemen, it’s a way to take in the vast landscape and tropical vegetation that makes this region unique. Discover the beauty that lies within the heart of Indonesia while venturing through remote villages. Stop and meet a few of the villagers as they teach the art of Arak distillation before heading back to your home base to feast on a pure Balinese lunch.


With every great adventure comes great relaxation. These accommodations go above and beyond the norm in Bali, making sure your stay would be the most important.



Uma by COMO

Luxury is defined by more than the number of stitches in the bed sheets. At COMO, they recognize that and offer much more. Nestled in the hillsides between rice patty fields and the River Oos, COMO features stunning rooms, beautiful pools and ultimate opportunities to pamper after a long day of adventure. They focus on treating every guest with pristine care and attention, making sure no detail is overlooked.



Alila Manggis

If peacefulness and serenity are two qualities of luxury accommodations, the Alila sets the standard. This boutique hotel, nestled in East Bali, emulates the specific cultures of that region with a modern shape and a purely Indonesia relaxing charm. A stay here will be as authentic to Bali as this region is to the world.





W Resort Seminyak

Modern meets chic at the pristine Seminyak. The hotel emulates the feeling of cool vibes and trendiness with the perfect touch of Bali. Every night at the Seminyak will offer something new to explore, be it in one of the eight bars or at the “Oasis,” a private sanctuary for being the ultimate escape. When staying here, there is an adventure for everyone to experience.


This journey not only offers the best luxury in Bali, but also the best adventure. Let our experience help craft this perfect journey for you.

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